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1 Seamless IDO Launches
Utilise our vast of experience to obtain investments. This form enables owners to submit their projects for potential IDO. Apply now and select your preferred option.
2 Select Token
Please choose if you want to use the existing token, or create a new token.
3 DeFi Launchpad Info
Please provide the launchpad details for your fundraising campaign, including all pertinent information about your STORMSALE.
There is 5% fee for any tokens sold.
Liquidity (%)
Min: 50%Max: 100%
Conversion rate is the same as TGE price.
Maximum interval 12 months.
Enable vesting to get a SAFU badge.
Enable wallet addresses whitelist for this launchpad.
After completion, it may take up to 1H for the token to get listed on DEX.
4 Add Additional Info
Let people know who you are.
LogoFile format: PNG, SVG. No more than 2MB.
5 Review your information
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Payment for the order

If all the information is accurate, proceed to pay for the lock as well as our commission.

While SOLSTORM provides a platform for exciting projects, we can't endorse any specific ones. It's important to do your own research (DYOR) before investing. Consider seeking professional financial advice for complex decisions. Learn more about DYOR at CoinMarketCap Academy.